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"Measure twice and cut once" is age-old, good advice for those doing carpentry work, and can certainly be used to describe how Daniel Hernandez manages his company, DH Construction, founded in 2003. He is a hands-on builder who personally oversees every phase of the construction process to make sure the work is carefully planned, prepared, and completed to meet his high standard of quality.

Daniel Hernandez became a builder after working many years as a framer. His extensive experience in the mechanical and structural phase of construction has given DH Construction a competitive advantage - one that assures customers that the work behind the walls was done right. Always striving to improve the quality of his work, Daniel Hernandez became an ENERGY STAR Partner in 2010 and is now building ENERGY STAR certified homes. The ENERGY STAR label is another guarantee, this one from a third-party inspector, which assures homebuyers that the home is built right--meeting the strict requirements of the ENERGY STAR Program.

DH Construction specializes in new construction for Residential and Commercial projects, as well as remodeling work for existing structures. The company provides services Valley-wide in South Texas in addition to going further afield, DH Construction has built custom homes in Alice and Kingsville, Texas.

Call for information on homes available for immediate move-in or to discuss your remodeling or custom residential or commercial project.

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